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About Me

Hey there! My name is Erica Wilkins!

I am a follower of Christ,

a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, and an avid storyteller/poet. I love anything and everything related to health, nutrition and helping the body heal. My friends would probably tell you that I've got quick wit, a big heart and that my puns are the corniest of all time, but will still give you a good laugh.

My hope in writing this blog is to empower, enlighten and encourage others

with the wisdom and knowledge I have gained through my unique life experiences and my love for learning.

I believe in sharing God's love with the world

and want to help everyone understand how truly loved and valued they are.

So if it’s life advice, encouragement or just someone to relate to that you need,

I hope you find it here.


Your friend E

Photo Credit: Fitz Crittle